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The lady or gamous deer did not introduce it in Argentina at first as a hunting fauna, used it as a decoration of parks, as was fashionable in those times.

It was introduced in the province of Buenos Aires from Spain and other countries of Mediterranean Europe, at the beginning of the 20th century; Since this original population the ladies were brought to other places in the province and the country.

Today its geonemia has wild nuclei or hunting preserves in the provinces of Buenos Aires, between Ríos, Santa Fe, Córdoba, San Luis, La Pampa, Neuquén, Río Negro, and Chubut.

This country is one of the main destinations in the lady’s sports hunt, which far from reducing its stock and distribution, increases day by day, due to its excellent adaptation to the environment; That is why your hunt is allowed all year round.

In addition, its distribution is superimposed with that of native cervids in danger of extinction, such as being the deer of pampas, huemul, and puso.

During the time of zeal, it is especially hunting, because the males give their presence with their snoring flashing or growl.

The hunt of this animal is done day, on foot or from contract, which are located near the waters or places where the Gamos leave the mountain to eat.

If the development of the search is on mountain the game is performed at dawn when the animals are still active and walked by reviewing the slopes with binoculars until you find some herd that offers some interesting trophy.

Once the sought animal is located, the approach strategy is traced until it can be able to reach the shot safely, which often demands that the hunter crawls in order to charge the trophy; It is usually done by earning some point of height than the trophy is and from there an accurate shot is attempted.

The reception in Buenos Aires, accommodation in stays, meals and drinks, guides, capturing a lady, and primary trophy preparation.

The record in the Argentine Ranking of Deer Lady according to the Argentine Federation of Gazette (c.i.c.) is 218,422 points, hunted in 2010 in Buenos Aires.

The record in the lady deer ranking according to the Argentine Formula (FACM) is 379.66 points, hunted in 1999 in Buenos Aires.

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