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The recorded history of Westeros goes back twelve thousand years. However, the masters of the Citadel and some others openly question the veracity of the legends that make up the majority of this history.

As medieval cultures in real life; The people living in the “known world” consisting of the continents of Westeros, East West and South Africa do not know for sure how their world was created. This situation stands in stark contrast to J. R. R. Tolkien’s medieval world. In the imaginary world in Westeros, civilization is a little beyond the hunting-gathering level. Many cultures have different opinions about the formation of the world and the emergence of the human race. These are thoughts that are shaped by religious beliefs in general, but to what extent they are based on evidence, it is debated.

The earliest written history goes back six thousand years before Andals brought writing to Westeros. The writing system of the First Men was not sufficiently developed, so the history more than 6000 years ago is based on oral traditions. The events that took place in Westeros six thousand years ago during the Age of Heroes are half epic and half real. The written histories of Valyria and Ghis, the great civilizations in the East, also go back to five or six thousand years.

The historical system begins from the year Aegon the Conqueror landed in Westeros and made the Targaryen Conquest. That is, the years before the conquest are called “FS” and the years after the conquest are called “FS”.

37-48 AC: When Aegon I dies, his brother Aenys becomes king. Soldiers of the Faith start an uprising, saying he is illegal. Since Aenys is weak, he asks his stepbrother to make Maegor the Hand of the King and take care of the matter. The uprising is suppressed in a very bloody way. After five years of Aenys’ rule, the tyrant Maegor predates his nephews and seizes the throne.

48 AC: Aenys’ son Jaehaerys I becomes king. According to the agreement, Soldiers of the Faith will not be killed unless the Seven Beliefs Targaryen get involved in the incestuous relationship. Under the rule of this king, the Night’s Watch moves to the Black Castle because it lacks the man and resources to meet the needs of a large castle.

129-131 AC: The name of the first major civil war in the history of the United Seven Kingdoms is The Dance of the Dragons. While the will of Viserys I was that his eldest child, namely his daughter Rhaenyra, came to the throne, his son II. Aegon is declared king. Brothers and dragons fall into each other. II. Aegon feeds his sister to his dragon, but the war is not over until he dies. His son III. While Aegon was on the throne, the last dragon that did not die in battle dies of disease.

ยท 157-161 AC: The young Dragon King Daeron I enters the throne at the age of fourteen and at that age he kneels Dorne with his military intelligence. In order for the Conquest of Dorne to be permanent, they put their enemy Tyrells into the seat of the Martells. As a result, Dorne, who was bullied, revolts and Daeron I is killed. He is replaced by his brother Baelor.

161-171 AC: Blessed King Baelor reconciles with Dorne, arranges marital alliances, and brings peace to the land during his reign. When he dies, a huge prayer house is built in King’s Landing.

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