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Archill said that comment? I think not. We are neither paranoid nor fanatic. What are the Americans who go and invade the country that they can think of and kill millions of cybiles? And their soldiers are convinced that they liberate those same territories that they destroy with munitions and bombs? Let’s learn to be free. We have “quality sepoys nibel Hilton” (and it is not paranoia … not at all) if the world is not going to be interested that we are really unable to grow and become the leader of our Region. Why do they pirate our seas? Why do they want our Patagonia? why the genocide of native peoples? Why did the Amassonas burn?

That phrase is right, Argentina could be the forerunner of a very courageous Latin America and a leader in our self-determination, but they must show more involvement with everyone and remove the stigma of phonies. But, Argentina has plenty of capacity. And we would have a great people product of a fight for intact Social Justice.

supposedly he did not say it but what a coincidence that everything he supposedly did not say is what happens in the country today, because successive governments since Menem Until today they have destroyed the industry, the armed forces are almost disappeared, they have been destroying aspects cultural such as language, inserting more and more terms in English, with inclusive language, with terms that do not exist, such as president, mayor, etc., music in other languages, lack of values ​​and respect, fostering rift and the rest

checked does very good work, many of which I have loved, but this time I will allow myself to disagree because, the fact that there are “no” records of said phrases according to “credible” sources? consulted does not objectively confirm or refute the fact in question … especially knowing fully how the information is manipulated by the imperialist powers for their benefit, as if we could take as a “holy word”, a yes or no from them .. they are not reliable or credible at all ..

And of course what is the winston churchill society going to say that it was the first country to gas Russia?

She said that and more. The 1945 conference left deadlocks between “allies.” At that time Spain an empire reduced to its civil war and everyone saw Argentina as heirs to that. (without denying it, own words) Oro no. Argentina should not handle its gold. After the Marshall plan. England does not recognize its debt with Argentina, which today would be stark compared to the Argentine foreign debt since it sent you tell me how much money you check that Argentina gave you.

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