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Why? A good Data Analyst has five characteristics that every company looks for. Do you want to know them?

The rise of this profession comes from the need for companies to hire Big Data professionals. Due to this, professions that did not exist previously are being generated. Adapting to the needs of the market affects education since that is where training must be offered that responds to the demand of companies.

This type of training can go through Master, Postgraduate or Courses. In all of them, practical training must be provided that is up to date with innovations and new challenges and that educates with a methodology aimed at entering the labor market.

The Master in Digital Business Analytics & Big Data fully addresses the figure of Data Analyst or Big Data Analyst. The student learns to:

Andrés Menchero Martín, DATA & Analytics Consultant and professor of this Master, believes that “the data analyst profile begins to be quite supported by the management of a company since it has the necessary information to give the appropriate answers based on questions from relevant businesses that generate impact. In short, if a company has a data driven culture, the possibility of improvement in business terms and the internal growth of this type of profiles is very high ”.

The Master in Business Intelligence and Data Science is an ambitious IEBS project in which we teach and train students to work on data and analyze it to make business decisions. In this program we work on everything related to data.

There are many options that can make us experts in Big Data. For all those who want to specialize, it is an advantage to have training that is fully adapted to their objective. Also taking into account that this specialization is demanded in the labor market, such as marketing.

With the Postgraduate in Big Data Marketing we want the student to obtain a competitive advantage in their curriculum. With this training, a professional can both participate in the analysis of the data and collect the needs of the clients to present them to the Data Scientist. Data analysis has become an essential practice within Marketing strategies for companies. This is why they require professionals who are capable, not only of extracting these data, but of interpreting them.

Human resources consultancy Adecco sees the data analyst profession as booming and has a future.

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