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At this time the question that arises is how I do to get the data.

Hello Nelson Cardona, I tell you that the values ​​came from a project of mine that is currently not online. It was a website that calculated the Big Five “OCEAN” values ​​of Twitter accounts. You should investigate if you can develop an algorithm yourself or find if you can find a service on the web that provides you with these evaluations. If these days I find any resource, I will write to you again. Greetings.

PS: If you can’t find anything at all, contact me again and see if I can rescue something from that old project of mine.

I really like your blog, it is something that I dedicate myself to reading every day, studying, learning and applying.

I wanted to ask you something and I hope you can give me a guide on which way to go, I am currently trying to categorize products, it is quite a hard task because I have 7 million products that I want to categorize, I currently had planned to do it for the image, I made a ML model That categorizes images and the images have an id that is the product, then I make another Model lists them and updates the category in the database, but I feel that it could be simpler, that it could be better.

What other recommendation can you give me to be able to categorize that amount of products, avoiding a huge amount of errors as I currently have?

Hi Ivan, thank you very much for writing to me. The case you are talking about seems very interesting. Could you write me by email (or to the form) so that from that communication channel we can pass more details? Let’s see if together we can come up with a better solution! Greetings.

Hi Ivan, excellent article !! Thanks for the explanation, how can I see the csv file to work with your code?

Since I am working on the same right now with a bay location problem for delivery of supply chain products.

Hi Andrea, the file is linked at the end of the article, after the conclusions and is also available on my github. Cheers

Hi Juan, I love your blog and I am going to recommend it to all my acquaintances interested in this world. I wanted to ask you…

As you see the viability of a clustering project with k-means but within an iteration that allows adding features and PCA so that each time the identification of the clusters is more and more precise but being able to use that identification for recommendation from the first iteration.

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